Friday 24 July 2015

6th Outcast recital ... Out of this world

6th Outcast student recital, July 24-27, 2015, KLPac

Warming up


Reena and Mango. 

Yee Meng and Esther.

Gavin Chan, principal dancer and director.

1. Thai remix (pole dance and Thai traditional dance), choreographer: Lili Kosin

2. Elastic Heart (lyrical contemporary), choreographer: Syafizal Syazlee

3. Dead or Alive (NY on2 salsa), choreographer: Gavin Chan

4. Habibak Ana (pop belly dance), choreographer: Hui Swee Cheng

5. Feeling Good (Cabaret show dance), choreographer: Gavin Chan

June, Mei Ling and Amir. 

Syafizal Syazlee

6. Where Have You Been (African/MTV hip-hop), choreographer: Gavin Chan

7. Abrazame (Latin rumba), choreographer: Royce Eng

8. Soumboula Hansom (Belly dance), choreographer: Hui Swee Cheng. 

9. Ghost (NY on2 salsa), choreographer: Gavin Chan

10. All of Me (cabaret show dance), choreographers: Lili Kosin, Gavin Chan. 

JJSalsaRengue of Singapore. 

(Gavin and Lili)
(Afro/MTV hip-hop)
(NY on2 salsa)

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