Friday 4 September 2015

Contracted: Phase II ... Cheap scares

THERE'S only one word to describe zombie horror film Contracted: Phase II -- gross.
   The film focuses obsessively on infected humans exhibiting symptoms of a fatal virus. The camera  stays at half-shots or close-ups of an infected human coughing up blood, maggots in a dead person's cut-open brains, and blood dripping out of someone's nose.

  The film takes great pleasure in showing viewers all these disgusting scenes. Other vomit-inducing scenes include the traditional red eyes, swollen lips, cracked skin and a man pissing a huge amount of blood.
  One of the film's favourite shots is that of an infected person falling on a healthy person and discharging lots of blood on him.
  The first film two years ago happened over three days, and ended when infected Samantha (Najarra Townsend), who had had a one-night stand with a man who's the source of the virus, was shot by cops in the streets of Los Angeles.
   The second film transpires over another three days and picks up from when she was killed.
   If the first film was about the dangers of one-night stands and unprotected sex, then the second goes along with this theme, with Riley (Matt Mercer), who had unprotected sex with Samantha, now being the prime transmitor of the virus.
Riley (Matt Mercer) touches himself. 
   He lives with his grandmother in an apartment, so she soon gets infected, starting with a sore on her lips.
  He goes out on a date with his granny's student helper, Harper (Anna Lore). A spark of interest leads to her kissing him, so she soon gets infected. Wait till you see what  happens to a sensory organ of hers.
  His pregnant writer sister Brenda (Laurel Vail), who has organised a memorial for Samantha, is soon infected.
  Detective Crystal Young (Marianna Palka) races against time to get to the bottom of this miserable plot, I mean, infectious scare.
   The bio-terrorist, BJ (Morgan Peter Brown), has something sinister up his sleeves in wanting to transmit the virus. Are you ready for his rational? He says: "I am the end." Go figure.
  This film has all the hallmarks of a low-budget zombie film. The acting is minimal and the scares are aplenty.

2 out of 5 stars


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