Tuesday 24 March 2015

Home ... 'Oh' dear me

HOME'S structure is similar to a road movie, in that two diametrically-opposite characters are stuck in close confines and travel a long distance to attain a goal. They rub each other the wrong away when they first meet, but by the end of the journey, they've rocked each other's world and have become bosom bodies.
   Jim Parson (TV's The Big Bang Theory) lends his voice as the sympathetic but walking mound of mistakes Oh, a purple alien who's ostracised by his own people. 

    His species have just invaded Earth and sent earthlings to live in far-away places that resemble US camps used to detain Japanese-Americans during World War II (okay, that's a wee exaggeration). 
  Oh tries so hard to make friends but his efforts are rejected by others, who go to great lengths to avoid him. 
  Then we have Gratuity 'Tip' Tucci (singer Rihanna), who's originally from Barbados but has been separated from her mother (Jennifer Lopez) during the invasion. She, too, has her own problems, telling Oh how difficult it was for her to assimilate into society.
   Together, they make an endearing pair and their trip teaches each person to value the other's peculiar traits. I just wish they hadn't swayed while listening to Rihanna's songs on the radio. 
  I admire Tip's spunkiness, and her ardent desire to be reunited with her mum (Jennifer Lopez). 
  Viewers will empathise with Oh, whose wide-eyed expressions and peculiar syntax add to his warm persona. He learns that to err is human, and his character will have been transformed 360 degrees towards the end. 
  He's one alien I would not mind being stuck with on an oh so familiar film.
2 out of 5 stars

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